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Kinders se paspoorte verval in April en hulle kom Januarie terug na n kuier in SA

magda steyn

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Ek het iewers gelees dat paspoorte ses maande voor verval datum moet oor he as jy beplan om dit te gebruik.Vriende vn ons gaan Desember Suid-afrika toe en kom in Januarie terug,hulle kinders se paspoorte verval in April.Het by Qantas probeer uitvind of dit nie n probleem by customs gaan veroorsaak nie,maar hulle kon nie help met n antwoord nie.

Hulle wil nie gestrand sit :unsure: iewers as dit n probleem gaan veroorsaak nie,hulle sal sodra hulle terug is aansoek doen v nuwe paspoorte vd kinders.

Enige iemand wat dalk kan help met n antwoord asb. :(

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Ek en my man het vanoggend daaroor gesels, want hy het VSA toe gevlieg. Hy weet van 'n dame wat by die lughawe moes terugdraai en teruggaan huistoe omdat haar paspoort net minder as 6 maande later sou verval. So die kanse is baie groot dat hulle probleme gaan he, indien nie met die soontoe gaan nie, definitief met die terugkom.

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I suggest that they contact DIAC and get a decision before the leave.

Many people I have spoken to seem to have had children VISa problems because they are only valid for 5 years

The best is to get new passports from the South african High Comission in Canberra. (But i jave also heard that they will only issue new ones upon actual expiry of the old ones.

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A section on quantas' website on passport info states: Traveling to South Africa: passport must be valid for 30 days beyond the period of intended stay. Nationals of South Africa may enter with passport valid on arrival. Traveling to Australia: passport must be valid on arrival.

According to this info, their passports shouldn't cause any problems.

Double check with embassy's passport department for peace of mind though. Better to get the info straight from the horses mouth.

Hope they travel safe and have a wonderful holiday!


Thought I'll add the link to website: http://www.qantas.com.au/travel/airlines/c...ation/global/en

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