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Opinions on these areas please


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what is your opinions on Kallaroo, Kinross and Beldon?



please add Hillaries to that

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Kallroo - excellent area. Know as the City beach of the North. Mullaloo beach is on your doorstep.

Older area , old Kallaroo is a leafy suburb.

Kinross- also a good area. Newer houses than Kalloo and a newer area.

Beldon, is a nice area as well. Lots of Brits living in Beldon. Older houses and on bigger block and aleafiers suburb.

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We live in Kinross and so does a huge number of Saffers. The IGA in Kinross stocks mieliepap, Spur sauces, Zoo cookies, real boerewors, Sarie, Huisgenoot and list goes on... The bottle shop next door has all the SAB beers plus Windhoek, Savana, Kanonkop wine and the entire KWV range. Not to forget Klippies... That's gives you an idea about the demand for SA goods from Saffers...

Like Enrica said, Kinross is much newer than Mullaloo, not next to the ocean but very close to it and a massive prices difference in property prices! If I had the money, Mullaloo would have been my choice only because it's next to the ocean. Not sure about the schools in the Mullaloo area but you won't go wrong with the schools in Kinross.

Apart from the unknown Beldon (know where it is but nobody talks about it), all the other mentioned areas have good reputations.

Hope this helps.

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