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The Outback of Australia 3


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Serpentine Gorge wasn't nearly as spectacular as the other gorges, being shallow only knee deep and filled with big boulders in places


I'm afraid there are some things in life I can't ever see myself tiring of. When I am 85 and still with sight, I hope I shall still be able to enjoy travelling thro such great bush scenery in Australia. My soul is refreshed and I feel a special perspective . . . one of just being such a small part of this world, yet still loved by the great God who has made this Universe for Himself to enjoy. I am privileged . . . and humbled . . . to be able to at least appreciate the world He has made.

It behoves all of us, at some time in our short lives to come out here and just feel a part of His world, away from all the dross and drudgery that Mankind has made for itself


There is no pretence in this bush. You take it as you find it . . . love it or leave it. You either learn to appreciate it or hate it and scramble back to the concrete jungle.



Ormiston Gorge






There are free, basic campgrounds at Serpentine Chalet campground, with no facilities - just a spot in the bush to put your rig up and spend some time. But there is also another campground here at Ormiston Gorge worthy of noting. It has hot showers . . . hence the higher nightly tariff . . . and with running water, but still no power. Generators are tolerated in some spots if they're not too close to other campers and not too loud, but they aren't allowed as a rule in the West MacDonell Nat. Park.




Hot showers with the hot water cylinders on the roof?



There are early evening walks given by the rangers also


Travelling further west, you come to Glen Helen Tourist Resort, a spot where you can dine in, get a cold beer and a powered caravan site


The Glen Helen water scene. This is one of the permanent water spots on the Finke River system and allows the unique native fish species to survive even in the drought years.


With the sun setting in the west at the end of the day, the long shadows, and me heading back eastwards to Alice Springs, the red earth of the Ranges is highlighted as never before


Do put this Australian trip on your bucket list of things to see and do . . . . before you kick the bucket one day.

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Beautiful!!! When we retire one day we want to visit all these beautiful places around Australia! Thanks for sharing this with us.

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