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Just a curious question

Kyto (Key-toe)

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Just curious,

I'm a qualified Diesel Electrical Fitter by trade (dual trade mechanical and electrical) as well as qualified assessor, moderator and trade test officer.

I'm in the training business as a senior training officer to train apprentices to become diesel electrical fitters. This trade was designed around the diesel electric locomotive.

Before I lodged my 175 visa application, my agent said that I should get assessed as a fitter by TRA (trades recognition Australia), as this would have been the simplest and the best way (CSL) to get into Australia at that time (13 Oct 2008). (to be fair, the assessor moderator and trade test officer only came after that date)

So my curious questions are (for thoes in the know)

Was this the correct approach to apply for my 175 visa at that time?

As a fitter could I apply for a training post?

And now a year after the September changes in 2009, do I have any options to change my TRA assessment or should I? (according to DIAC once you have lodged your visa application then you may no longer change your assessment)

To apply for a job at a place like TAFE, do I need to be an Australian citizen?

If you have any comments / opinions or suggestions, PLEASE post.



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