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Get Cash Back in South Australia

Tamara HDU

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We have been totally amazed by the amount of cash rebates that are available and it's just a case of fillng in a form and getting a cheque or money paid into your account. Some of the cash rebates may influence new migrants as what not to bring with them (washing machines for example).

I will give you some examples and maybe others can add to them?

We have received the following money back from the South Australian government in the past 3 years:

$200 for buying a new washing machine with a 4 and a half star water rating. If you buy a washer for $700 you get $200 back so it costs $500. This rebate is per person so if you need more than one washing machine then the rebate needs to be in another family members name.

$100 rebate for a purchase of garden mulch to the value of more than $150.

We received $1600 rebate for a replacement solar powered hot water system.

From March you get $200 rebate for purchasing a water tank. We bought two tanks earlier this year and missed the $200 per tank but we did get $800 back for having the tank plumbed into the toilet. The tank cost $800, the pump $200 and the plumbing was $400 so the lot cost us $600 with the rebate and we now have thousands of litres of water for the pool as well. With the extra $200 available since March this would now cost $400.

We just bought a new solar blanket for the swimming pool. It cost $500 and the rebate is $200.

We have replaced toilets in our homes. For each one we received $150 back as a rebate.

The web site for the rebates and download of forms is

Home Rebates Overview - SA Water

There are rebates for solar power installations and all sorts of other things.

Maybe others can post some examples and save me and everone else some more money as well?! :)

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Wow this is amasing!!!! :)

It would be great to hear if other states do this too?

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I'm in Queensland at the moment, and have seen ads on the TV for buying and installing solar panels for electricity on your roof.

I'm actually from South Australia, and making my way back there later, but I daresay there are more rebates here in Queensland available for home owners for different bits and pieces of life.

The Australian Commonwealth (Federal) government also offers rebates to home owners, so no matter which part of the Commonwealth of Australia you're living in, you should all be able to apply for the rebates offered from them. Often, they are offered as well as the local State or Territory rebates, so you get two cheques!


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