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Spoke to my doc the other day re a friend of mine that has really bad depression. Her doc just keeps increasing her dosage and she been really worried about it. So I promised her I would have a word with my doc when I saw her. Well see below her comments.

She suggested I mention to my friend that she must google Methylation and Walsh & Pfeiffer see below one of the articles I found thought it might me of interest


She also suggested I mention to my friend to look into the Mavue Factor/Pyrroles/Kryptopyrroles

She mentioned she has found that her patients that have very high copper levels after birth tend to be more prone to postnatal depression. By giving them zinc they can normalize the levels and decrease the opportunity for postnatal depression to happen.

I did a bit of googleing and found the following:


I also suggest you google on

•Postnatal depression Walsh Pfeiffer

•Walsh Pfeiffer depression / anxiety

•PS: Walsh and Pfeiffer are two different people

She also mentioned that Dr Catherine Morris is really on the ball re the above phone 02 9499 9302 fax 02 9418 1777 Shop 9A West Pymble Shopping Centre Kendall St, West Pymble NSW 2073

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To help with anxiety I would also suggest Magnesium tablets. I use Health Fusion's here in Aus and it is excellent. Omega 3 caps and B group vitamins are also very helpful.

Many things can be remedied with suplements and better eating habbits. For anxiety it is better not do take caffein, alcohol or nicotine, however the last two is much more difficult to 'discard' LOL!

I also recomend meditation. It is excellent! There are many different ones available. I like Dr Bernie Siegal and Dwyne Dyer, CD available at Holisticpage here in Aus at round about $16 each. Also google Christian Meditation.

I used to suffer from Panic Attacs and GAD (anxiety) realy thought they'r going to have to lock me up in a padded cell. Did the whole Cardiologist Menaupause GP thing with anti deps prescribed etc. which was absolutely a waste of time.

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