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Chelsea Bun


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In SA my two big "sweet tooth" weaknesses were Chelsea Buns and Jam Donuts. Now the jam donuts here are not too bad, and for the record Krispy Kreme donuts are dreadful, but I cannot find anything that gets close to a chelsea. I've just had a "raisin curl" that kinda looked like a chelsea but it had a yucky yellow custard lurking in the middle - eeek - and the dough didn't taste right.

I've googled for a recipe and can't find anything that sounds like the Saffer version of the Chelsea bun. Does anyone have one that they'd be willing to share? pleeeeeease....

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I can't help you with a Chelsea Bun recipe, but I'll be watching this topic for a recipe! They have no idea here in Sydney what a Chelsea Bun is.

I love doughnuts and don't like Krispy Kreme either. I have found a good doughnut very similar to the SAfrican ones in Brisbane. There's a franchise called Dreamy Doughnuts and their doughnuts are to die for!

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Thanks! Will give it a bash on the weekend and let you know how they turn out...

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Sigh, all this talk about yummy things is making me crave some doughnuts. So much for my diet! :lol:

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I went to a culinary school for some informal cooking lessons earlier this year in Pretoria and they taught us how to make the most devine Chelsea Buns. My family are totally addicted to these now. It does take some practice to get it 100% as its considered more advanced, but at least the 'flops' are also nice :ilikeit:. I had to write the recipe from my rough notes so if I forgot a step, feel free to use logic :D

Chelsea Buns

Makes 8 Buns

Oven: 180 Degrees C


300gr Cake Flour (625ml)

10gr Anchor Instant Dry Yeast (Tip: Yeast with added Vit C works easier)

2ml Salt

50ml Luke warm milk

50ml Castor Sugar

1 Large egg, beaten

60gr Margarine


60gr Margarine

75gr Dried Fruit mix

50ml Castor Sugar

Beaten egg to brush

5ml Cinnamon

Icing Sugar

130gr (250ml) icing sugar

Boiling water

1. Mix all the dry ingredients

2. Take the margarine and rub it in the dry mixture

3. Take the milk and heat it up to boiling point

4. Take the milk, mix in the egg and add into the flour mixture

5. Use enough cold water to make a soft dough

6. Knead it

7. Cover with plastic 'glad wrap' and leave to prove (of soos in Afrikaans rys)

1. Once the dough has risen roll it out into a nice rectangle

2. Using your fingers, spread the margarine over the top surface of the dough to cover the surface

3. Make a mixture with the cinnamon, sugar and fruit and cover the surface with the mixture

4. Roll the dough like you would roll a swiss roll along the long side, tightly

5. Take a sharp chef knife and cut equal parts to create buns

6. Arrange the buns in a prepared baking tray in such a way that all the buns touch each other, ensuring that the openings of the buns are covered by the back of another bun

7. Brush with the beaten egg

8. Bake for 15 minutes or until done and golden.

1. Prepare the icing sugar that it has the consistency of syrup

2. Once the buns come out of the oven cover the top of the buns with the icing

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Oh and something else absolutely define you can do with this recipe is you can use the dough as a desert bread and instead of the fruit mixture you make the dough and use the following filling:

100gr baking chocolate, grated (good quality dark chocolate works best)

10ml orange rind

40gr almonds (70ml) chopped

and after rolling out the dough add this to the center and just fold the dough over the filling and bake it the same way as the buns, just leave out the icing sugar. And then you serve this in slices with coffee after dinner to guests and watch as they look at you as if you're some kitchen goddess :ilikeit:

Its amazingly yummy and different.

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OK stop now! I am drooling over the keyboard, not a good look I can tell you! Thanks for the detailed (self tried) recipe I will let you know how it goes...

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