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Looking for fellow advertising/marketing professionals


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Starting on my third attempt to get into Aus. In 2008 I flew all the way to Perth to sign a 457 offer and got sunked at the 99th hour by the looming recession and then this year got skunked by Vetassess and the DIAC reshuffle on the SOL list - fell5 days sort of lodging a family sponsored regional sponsorship while the chaps at Vetassess dragged their heels........and here we go again.

In summary:

Currently I am the Business Unit Director managing the Cape Town office of Grey World Wide in South Africa. I am a advertising and marketing professional with some near 20 years experience. Formal training as a fine artist and graphic designer, hands on creative agency work as freelancer and then owner of a small independent advertising and design studio. Repositioned into the business side of the industry having worked in the client service role for the last 10 years in a mixture of independent and large multi-national advertising agencies. Have worked across a wide cross section of categories from sport, tourism, government, pharmaceuticals, FMCG, retail and into mobile technologies and most recently almost 5 years working on alcohol, managing 5 global brands in the Southern African markets. Very comprehensive experience in ATL, BTL and working on full TTL accounts, with extensive experience in TVC management and production. A additional special interest and passion is digital, social media and all that is changing the landscape of our communications world.

Looking to network with any other people in same/similar career paths for leads or referrals. Although I started the trip again with an eye on Tasmania as a complete directional change, I have realised that the reality probably lies East Coast in one of the larger cities.

Anyone care to chat?



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