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Brisbane or Perth?


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Did this for another forum so might as well stick it here. Doesn't tell the full weather story of course but someone might find it helpful:

Perth vs Brisbane:

(Mean minimum-maximum temperature °C)

Jan 17.9-29.7 vs 20.7-29.4

Feb 18.1-30.0 vs 20.6-29.0

Mar 16.8-28.0 vs 19.4-28.0

Apr 14.3-24.6 vs 16.6-26.1

May 11.7-20.8 vs 13.3-23.2

Jun 10.1-18.3 vs 10.9-20.9

Jul 9.0-17.4 vs 9.5-20.4

Aug 9.2-18.0 vs 10.3-21.8

Sep 10.3-19.5 vs 12.9-24.0

Oct 11.7-21.4 vs 15.8-26.1

Nov 14.0-24.6 vs 18.1-27.8

Dec 16.3-27.4 vs 19.8-29.1

Source: Bom (City Regional Office or within a few km with longest stats - approx 100 years)

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in my opinion sydney and melbourne are the two world cities in australia and i dont think the other smaller cities can compare ('the cape town and johannesburg of australia)

then there is a big gap - brisbane ('the durban of australia'). brisbane these days advertise itself as 'australia's newest world city' (dont think its there yet though)

a smaller gap but still a gap - perth ('the PE of australia')

a smaller gap but still a gap - adelaide ('the bloemfontein of australia')

and a big big gap - and the rest

the sa comparisons are just in relation to size and i suppose 'prominence' in relation to the rest of the country (before we enter the long argument again about whether perth is more like Cape town or not or whether melbourne or sydney is more like joburg or cape town) :whome:

with regard to perth, i think the perth of today and the perth of tomorrow will be radically different (other cities probably too to some extend) -

they are building a stadium (1 billion dollars), a waterfront (3 billion investment), the city link project (connecting CBD with northbridge), a new $400 million museum and a number of 'marinas' along the coast. about 17 skyscrapers have been added to the perth skyline in just 3 years around 2003-2006. there are huge 'cities within cities' that will be developed to the north and south of the metro area - including a 300 000 people one in Alkimos-Yanchep in the far north

perths population is predicted to be 3.5 million around 2031-2040. it currently contains a number of the fastest local government areas in australia, include the fastest growing in australia (wanneroo). currently 83 people are moving to perth every day... :grads:

perth is becoming more cosmopolitan, which will eventually make it a much more 'international' city - contributing to a different atmosphere, different outlook, more connections with 'origin countries'. although perth and brisbane are growing at the same rate, perth attracts significantly more people moving from overseas (brisbane from elsewhere in australia). perth is closest to asia and as asia will be the worlds powerhouse in the future, this is good for perth

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Yes I've noticed exciting developments for Perth and having lived through waiting for very similar projects in Brisbane in the past I know how people in Perth would be feeling about seeing some movement. Lets hope enough projects get over the line in this cycle to see some real change as some of these projects are probably overdue in Perth now.

Personally I think Sydney is the only world city in Australia though Melbourne's growth has been unbelievable and it is making international strides of its own.

I hope the new towns planned for Perth are far enough away to not just become new far flung commuter suburbs with stretched infrastructure. They have more of these new "cities" on the cards for Brisbane though I'm not sure about them. Springfield seems ok but not sure all the new one's will have a new train line to them. Though I've lived through some of these demographic predictions before that relied on growth rates staying the same...never do. Too much low density sprawl in Australia already...I'm hoping Perth continues to bring far more people into city living to create a more after work urban life into the inner city....and extends its well designed train service.

I did read Perth was struggling to get people to move there from the eastern states despite it's low unemployment. I think it is a barrier in most Australian's heads. It just seems too far away, not part of Australia, a bit like Darwin. Maybe this period will help change attitudes. Silly really if you are young and need a job. It has always had the massive influx of british to keep it growing so I'm sure that will continue as well as some other nationalities.

Here's the Dec 2011 abs figures to back up what you were talking about (well for the states at least):

Natural Increase

Queensland 8690

Western Australia 4617

Net Overseas Migration

Queensland 7830

Western Australia 10052

Net Interstate Migration

Queensland 3289

Western Australia 2812

Change Over Previous Quarter

Queensland 19809

Western Australia 17481

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