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Talking animals.......


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A Aussie backpacker who happens to be a ventriloquist, is traveling around NZ, and walks into a rural village. He spots a Kiwi bloke sitting on his porch and thinks to himself I will have a bit of fun with this block.....so he greets the Kiwi, saying 'Gday mate! Hows it going?' the Kiwi looks up and says 'All good thanks'

The Aussie sees a old dog lying at the feet of the Kiwi and says to him 'Mind if I chat to your dog mate'? The Kiwi replies 'Dogs don't talk, you silly Aussie!'

So the Aussie asks the dog, 'hello there mate, how are you doing, enjoying it here?' The dog replies, 'All good mate, my master treats me real good, feeds me twice a day and takes me to down to the river every morning!' the Kiwi almost falls of this bench with shock! :unsure:

The Aussie then looks over at the fence holding a horse and says 'I would like to chat to your horse mate'. The Kiwi replies, 'Aw, come on horses cannot speak, you dumb Aussie!' The Aussie walks over to the fence and says, 'Hi big boy, how are ya doing?' the horse replies, 'All good my friend, my owner takes such good

care of me, brushes me and has a wonderful stable for me, to keep me warm at night!' Well the Kiwi almost has a heart attack!

Next the Aussie turns around and sees a sheep....says to the Kiwi, 'I'd like to have a word with your sheep'

The Kiwi looking horrified quickly says....."Don't believe a word he says mate, he always lies!!"

Told to me by a Kiwi....... :blush::o

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