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Brisbane IT industry

Michele R

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I was wondering if there's anyone working in IT in Brisbane. I've been looking on Seek, but there's only so much you can guess from what you see on the internet. What's the IT job market like? Hubby's an Analyst Programmer at the moment, but he did his MBA last year and would like to eventually move into IT Project Management. We're thinking about moving east at some stage next year, as there's not much work opportunities for us here in Perth (I'm a copywriter). We know the IT market is quite big in Melbourne, but think the Brissies lifestyle is more us.

Any advice or ideas with regards to the IT industry in Brissies?

I really any advice or personal experiences.



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Hi Michelle

From my personal experience the IT industry in Brisbane is quite good. I am an IT engineer and we landed in Jan 2010 with no job. Had my CV "australianised" and just started looking on seek and applying for anything and everything, that i thought I had a little experience with. What I have noted....government positions pay the most(best percs) but are the hardest to get into as they first get people from within their own governement departments.....Most agencies want to first have a face to face with you before they get you out to the market place......I found Hudson the most helpfull and Hays the least.......but then again could be just the field of work that dictates that. I was blessed enough to secure a job within 2 weeks. Most jobs are on contract,3-6months and if they like you they take you on as permanent.

I also had an additional 2 job offers after which i unfortunately had to turn down.....so there definately is work...

Hope this helps somewhat and if you have any specific questions that I could try answer, do not hesitate to drop me a line


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Thanks so much Gavin!

It's good to hear that the IT Industry is good in Brissies. The weather and lifestyle here in Perth is just not for us, and Brisbane was our initial choice when we wanted to come over. We also found Hays totally useless, and actually quite rude!

Will definitely pop you a line, think it'll be nice for hubby to chat to someone who knows something about the local industry before making the move. Thanks again!

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