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Medical Aid

Michele R

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Hi everyone,

I'm looking into medical aid for me and hubby. All I want is one that covers ambulance, doctor and hospital, but it seems like that doesn't exist. I keep getting quotes for weird stuff that include podiatry, I just want something simple.

Anyone have any idea what kind of medical aid I should look at?


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For Ambulance it would appear you need to join an Ambo Insurance, sorry going to seem very vague because I was only recently told about it and from what i hear A MUST HAVE!

We will be joining ASAP.

Been told a short trip in an ambo / helicopter can cost thousands of $.


This seems to cover St Johns services - WA

As for Medical aid - check our Medibank, they have different options available to suit individual situations

Basically it would appear there is no one cover with one company. Ambo is paid yearly and doesn't cost much.

All the best

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We are with SGIO (WA only otherwise GIO in other states) and the reason we are with them is because combining car, house and health got us good discounts. I thought our policy included ambo cover but Serendipity has made me worried, so now I have to go check.

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If you are in Victoria, why not go direct, cut out the middleman!


I would suggest though, before you take out ambulance cover, to check with your private medical fund if they include it in your cover, as I know HCF do, we belong to them.

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I went with Medibank .... basic hospital and middle extras ..... it does include Ambulance. most funds extras packages include ambulance cover. the extra do normal cover most of the funnies but the basic extra normally don't.

We used to use the medical aid is SA to pay for doctors visits and medication and self med ..... BUT here it is different .... the State covers the doctors and the prescription medicines and the medical aid covers the medicine above $30 ... does not appear that you can do self medication here....

So the reason why you would want medical here is for the following:

1. AMBULANCE cover

2. if you are over 30 to avoid medicare surcharge

3. dentist cover

4. eye cover

Optional reasons

1. have cover for privates hospital

2. other covers such as physio and all the other special things.

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It's all so confusing. Had a look last night on the different covers' websites, will discuss it with hubby. Guess I'm just terrified we're stuck somewhere and need an ambo. At least it looks like you have some choice with regards to the extras, so guess dental and eyes are good extras to take.

Thanks for the advice!

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