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Finding a job


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Finding a job is hard work especially if you are in a new country. The intention of this thread is to provide a support network for those going through the trials and trebulation of job hunting. There is logic in sharing the highs and lows and helping each other to achieve the objective of finding a suitable job and for many taking that first bold step in a new country.

Perhaps by sharing our experiences we can create a softer landing for those who follow. There are many threads here that go some way to explain some of the hardship faced by those who have made the leap ( or been pushed) without having already secured employment.

The first point I would like to make is that in my opinion one should try and make yourself as employable as possible i.e. get your paperwork and if possible your visa in place and make the commitment to get to the place you intend to seek employment.

You have to have a well written resume and cover letter that you modify according to the role without lying or overselling yourself.

Third you need to absolutely focus on what you wish to achieve.

Start by asking yourself the following ten questions:

  1. Do I know what motivates me to excel at work?
  2. Can I identify my strongest abilities and skills?
  3. Do I have seven major achievements that clarify a pattern of interest and abilities that are relevant to my job and career?
  4. Do I know what I both like and dislike in work?
  5. What do I want to do during the next 10 years?
  6. Do I have a well defined career objective that focuses my job search on particular organisations and employers?
  7. What skills I can offer employers in different occupations?
  8. What skills employers most seek in candidates?
  9. Can I clearly explain to employers what I do well and enjoy doing?
  10. Can I specify why employers should hire me?

Expect the process to take a long time - the more senior you are the longer it normally takes.

Learn to deal with rejection. See rejection as progress and try and learn from each application. Seek feedback and persevere.

Learn to network and to prepare for each and every task as if this is the only one that you have - give it your best.

Take time to review what you have achieved and to incorporate feedback.

Deal with this project as your top priority.

Reward yourself and take time off.

What do I need to succeed?:

Creativity - in everything from writing compelling letters and resumes to interviews to managing finances to discovering joy and maintaining my relationships

Patience - Hefty dose - this too shall pass it is in God's hands

Perseverance - Stay on top of leads and open jobs, keep networking to increase chances for meeting the person who can help in the search

Humour & fun - maintain a good sense of humour, exercise and have some fun too.

Assertiveness - Go after opportunities you want most and work to create a new future

Kindness - Be kind to yourself and others

Intellegence - Work smart create goals and plan your strategy

Concern for impact - How am I perceived by others especially employers? This competency relates to the individual’s ability to understand the right behaviour or message that needs to be delivered to others. At the basic level the individual will have a good self-awareness to know what behaviour modifications may be required to anticipate the thoughts and feelings of others. At a higher level there will be clear evidence of action taken to persuade and influence a wide range of people, and their differing needs.

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