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Flea Market in Laverton North


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Hi Everyone,

Curiosity got the better of me a Saturday, when I saw hundreds of people walking towards something, so I followed them and it turns out they were on the way to a flea market in 8 Leakes rd, Laverton North. I paid the dollar to get in and have a look around to see what all the fuss was about. And it is quite big, you get the usual outside stalls selling fruit, clothes and what looks like a lot of second hand stuff people have emptied out from their garage – tools, plumbing fitting etc and I am pretty sure I saw a 1966 Ford Cortina oil sump as well (lol). And then inside a warehouse you have many little shops selling everything from A to Z (clothes, computers, furniture, beds, veg, tools, toys etc). But check you prices before you go as some things were cheaper down the road at the local chain store.

So if you are in the West and need to kill a couple of hours and the weather is ok, it could be entertaining to have a look around, but I would recommend parking further away as traffic was chaos with people parking close by.

Have fun


Oh, by the way it seems to be open every Saturday and Sunday

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