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Success Strategies for Women


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We have launched an online service specifically tailored for women by women. The service offering has been put together by various experts.

It constitutes a:

1. 90 Day Life Makeover

2. Money Makeover

3. Health Makeover

4. Mood Makeover

5. Relationship Makeover

We have two websites promoting this:

Pretty Powerful – aimed at the South African market but soon expanding internationally – selling at R295 per month and you can opt out at any moment

Success Strategies for Women – entirely an international focus – selling at 35 USD per month and you can opt out at any moment.

Your monthly subscription gets you direct contact with the ecoach, daily emails containing workbooks and tools to facilitate your makeover process.

Once you are subscribed you get the following bonuses:

• 90-Day Life Makeover e-Manual

• My Life Under Construction e-Workbook

• Pretty Powerful Mind Makeover Cards

• Create your Day Cards

• Bedtime Tribute Cards

• Power Charts

• The following Audio downloads

1. Visual Validations

2. Mind Massage

3. Turbo Charge Your Success

• Free access to the online Goal Management System

• Daily email motivation from your e-coach

You can also subscribe to our free monthly newsletter here to receive feature articles, mood tips, health tips and money tips and relationship tips to change your life for the better

Join our Facebook Fan Page here

See our experts here

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Health Tip for April

We often try to bite off more than what we can chew literally and figuratively. Proper nutrition and absorption of nutrients starts with being aware of what we place in our bodies and when we do it.

To practice Conscious Eating, choose one meal in the day that you commit to eating consciously, mindfully and thoughtfully. Choose a meal that you know for sure, for at least the first week, you will eat at the same time every day.

Read More

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We have now published exctracts from the first 7 days of the life makeover here

Day 8 is the start of a 2 week period to detox your life. This will be published within the day. I will update here once it has been published.

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We have just released this month's newsletter.

This months featured articles are as follows:

1. Dare to dream

2. Exersize with intent

3. Save up to a third of your grocery bill

4. Turn helplessness into clarity and understanding

5. Wardrobe essentials for working women

You can sign up here

And if you want a copy of this month's newsletter, pop me a PM and I will get it sent to you.

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Just a reminder to check out our Facebook Page. One of the links you will find there is regarding Jolandie Rust that will attempt to be the first woman to cycle around Africa unassisted.....

And whilst you are checking out links.....here you can follow Lisa on her 90-day life-makeover

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Hi All

Just a note to let you know we are now only to be found on Pretty Powerful.

There is a December special running at 33% discount for you Life Makeover. This was only sent out to subscribers of our newsletter, but I have decide to make that special offer available to members of SA Australia as well. Find it here.

There is no better way to start your new year than enrolling for a 90 day life make over at only R195.00 per month on this special deal! (That is less than $30 per month!)

And if you would like some articles on how to be Pretty Powerful in your life you can read here

PS: We will soon be in Australia.......

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