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My Boyfriend (Ben) and i are looking for employment.

I have 5 years work experience in Accounting and Office Support,

and Ben has 5 years experience in the IT industry eg, Hardware, Software, Networking ect.

We are particularly interested in immigrating to Perth but would be more than willing to consider any other locations.

I would appreciate it immensly if you would be able to assist us in finding sponsorship into Australia. :blink:

Kind Regards


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Hi Bianca

I would suggest that you firstly contact a company like Freespirit - you can get relevant e-mail addresses from their website - www.freespirit.com.au and find out whether both of you are eligible for a 457 sponsorship and also get advice from them regarding the process and how they can assist you in obtaining an employment offer from an Australian company that is willing to sponsor you. After getting all the relevant info also give it a shot yourself approaching companies directly or alternatively applying for positions as advertised on www.seek.com.au. In your cover letter you need to specifically indicate that you need to obtain a 457 sponsorship and also that you are prepared to pay your own relocation costs. What I and most people that have been successful in securing 457 sponsorship found, is that a visit to your preferred City/Cities to personally attend interviews (after you have established that there is in fact an interest in your skills and experience from recruiters and companies) are very valuable. It gives a message to the employer that you are serious about relocating and they then more committed to the process. Obtaining a 457 is not an easy process and I have personally met a lot of people that have tried and went back to South Africa, UK etc without any formal offers. In my opinion you can have or offer average skills and experience but if you are able to market yourself to employers and recruiters your chances of achieving success are much higher. Be confident about what you can offer to employers, be committed to the process and follow up on applications made (and not just on e-mail - pick the phone up and make that call overseas - it just show commitment!!!)

Good luck with your efforts.



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Rialet has given great advice - if you can manage a trip here to market yourself, it is worth the money. Ben probably has a better chance of securing sponsorship with the IT side, but you never know.

GOod luck!


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