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MSAR- Melbourne South Africa Rugby


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I just realised this is possibly a better spot for my post:

As South Africans we all share the same culture and heritage. We love Braais, we love to have a few Beers, and we love hanging out with good friends. The one event on any South African culture where you can have Braais, beers, friends all under one roof is when watching a game of Rugby, or even playing a game of Rugby! With thousands of South Africans in Melbourne we are certain that we can put together a club rugby team filled with South African rugby players right here in Melbourne. Now we know this can't happen over night, thus we've set outselves goals over the short term to work towards achieving our main goal.

Our Short term goals include social Touch Rugby teams, Beach Rugby teams and before long a full fledged club rugby team!

We certainly have the players to pull this off, we're working on putting together the infrastructure, and resources to coordinate the team, but what we need is a register of players, supporters, and possibly investors who will be willing to support the initiative. Every person who can contribute to the incentive will ultimately add value to the end product. Lets take this opportunity to stand together and show what we're made of, and get the Melbourne South African Rugby Team off the ground.

With Victoria in line to join the Super 15 in 2011, there has never been a better opportunity than now for young players to join the ranks and filter to the top of the ladder in the years to come, and we want to make it happen - With your help we can!

On March 6, Victoria hosted its first Beach Rugby Championship, and in the process, MSAR became the first ever South African team competing in a VIC Rugby sanctioned event! Not just did the boys do us proud, but we missed out of leaving the even with silverware in hand by a nose hair!

Looking forward, in May, 2010 we'll be entering a 15 man strong touch-rugby team into the Albert Park touch rugby league! We have the players in place, and we're ready to do our heritage proud, integrating our culture and beliefs with that of the Australians who took us in (and fed us!)

We're still a young organisation, but we've already made some good contacts with Kukri, Sabona Mag, and the local South African shop!

What are we looking for, and how can you help? Well, we have a facebook group, but we want to get a word press site up and running where we can provide intermediate updates on our progress, results, teams etc! We're also looking at getting the boys to tour up to Queensland to take on the Gold Coast South Africa rugby team. All in the pipe-line.

But as this is a community driven initiative, we need support from local South Africans, be it attendance at games, assistance with getting our site up and running, contacts for player kits, SPONSORSHIP (something I'm searching for as I type this), or just socializing with like minded Saffers, your support will be truly appreciated! Please send me an email or reply to this post (or find me on Facebook!) We will definitely appreciate your help!

A link to our facebook group (and photos of the beach rugby competition) -


Neville Howard.

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