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The Asian Lady


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Yesterday coming out of Coles into the parking area, there is a mom and her little cutie pie..ag, about 4 years old, walking just in

from of me, when this little Chinese lady walks past us, and this kid bursts out this hearty laugh and looks up at her mom and

says.....ON THE TOP OF HER VOICE......"Look at that silly lady mum, she has an umbrella, and it's not even raining!" :ilikeit::lol::lol:

Out of the mouths of babes :) Just seen the same little Chinese lady walking past my house :ilikeit: with her bright pink brolly!

I burst out laughing, as I heard her mom explaining about how people like to protect their skin from the sun.....tee, hee...too cute man!

To all moms out there with toddlers........enjoy them!


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