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Flights - question about open tickets


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Hi, I came on a 12 month open ticket, and i need now to change the date (had the date for April),

I flew with SAA via Perth to Adelaide, I thought I could get a refund for the ticket but they say no. I can also not leave the return date open. So I will change it for now to the last day or week of the ticket.

My question is, flying on my own with two tickets (if I ever use it) is it better to fly all the way the same day, leaving Adelaide in the afternoon and then leaving from Perth at 11 pm. Or fly from Adelaide and spend the night in Perth and then leave at 11 am the next day. I am not sure how is the accommodation near the airport and how easily I can get to it with cases, and everything.



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SAA iscorrect there is no such thing as am "open" ticket.

Perth Domestic Airport and International airport is 10kms apart.

IF you are flying on Qantas they do provide a shuttle bus between the Domestic and International airport.

You are responisible for colelcting lugage at the domestic airport and making sure that you put it on the bus.

The closest Hotel to the airport is the Maracoonda , which is close to the domestic airport, nothing really close to the international airport.

The Maracoonda is OK....nothing special, let me put it this way , I would not be spending more that 1 night there!!!

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