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Orion25: Hi There


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HI There,

At last we have joined this forum and can ask all the questions we keep asking and looking for answers to. MY wife and I and our 3 kids, aged 11yrs, 9yrs & 2yrs are seriously looking at moving to Oz we even have an agent already, however how do you know weather moving is the right thing? We keep hearing all the good things about Oz and we have family both there an in NZ but we want to hear why people are coming back as well as all the not so nicve stuff so we can make an informed decision.

We know this country is not perfect but this has been our home for so long, how does one just decide to go and not look back? how do you make a new future with no familiar around? We are aware that for our kids moving would probably be the best bet, but it is scary to just up and go, how do people deal with that, practical tips are welcome.

Part of us is so excited we could pack up an leave tomorrow but then part of us is so scared to make such a huge change. How do we overcome these obsticles. Many of these questions have probably been asked before by many of you who have already made this move so your input will be greatly appreciated.

chat soon


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Let me be the first to say welcome and we will help in any way we can.

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Welcome, im also at the beginning of the process, so kinda with you in the "fear" of the unknown so to say.

But believe we are making the right decision.

Good Luck with the process.

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Welcome to the forum...

Can't speak for any others, but a little over a year down the road and not one moments regret at the move!

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Welcome to the forum!

We have been in Melbourne going on 8 months now..unfortunately you dont realise how right the decision is until you are here...living life without fear and in "normality"

A wise expat once told me (while standing in line at SARS) that living in australia is what YOU make of it..and we have made the best of a good situation..its not called "the lucky country" for nothing!

Good luck and enjoy the journey!

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Hi Welcome,

We also had our doubts in the beginning but we made up our mind to come to Aussie and started the process, then when I got the job the fear and the thoughts began "are we doing the right thing" but there was no turning back as the contracts had been signed. And there is too much to tell but all I can say is that it was the best decision we have made, we are very happy and I dont look back there is not even one minute that I think this was a mistake.

Yes we miss the family and friends and there is alot of thigs that is different and that you dont agree with, but it is the same for any country.

We have settled in Perth, we knew no one had no friends didnt even have this forum but somehow everything worked out and looking back over all the things that have happened to us during our move I can actually say it was more of an adventure than anything else.

We still have a long way to go as we are still on 457 visas and need to get PR, but I tell you going back have never crossed my mind!!! My wife and five year daughter made so many friends and are more happy than ever.

All the best with what ever decision you make!!!


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Hi and welcome to the forum.

I think thousands and thousands of South Africans are in Aus and MOST do not return. The few that do are held up as an example of why people shouldn't make the move which is silly. People return for all kinds of reasons and a lot are forced to return due to visa problems etc. Some return and then come back! I moved for safety and security and I have found that in Australia as well as a lot more. Yes moving to a new country can be a stress but living in SA can be more stressful.

Good Luck on your journey.

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Firstly, welcome to the forum.

Making the decision to move isn't easy, and I don't think you know if you've done the right thing until you're here. Also, I think a lot of it has to do with your state of mind. If you're set on making it work, then chances are you'll be much happier settling in.

The process isn't easy, you will get home sick and occasionally wonder what exactly have you done, but as things get more familiar you'll start to love your life in Aus and wonder how you ever could live in SA locked behind doors, electrified fencing and armed response.

As for people coming back, I don't think there are many families making the return trip back to SA. Naturally, not everyone will be happy here in Aus and some will return, usually because they miss their families. Also, some people who are on temporary visas and are retrenched will have to return if they can't secure a sponsor.

What visa are you looking into? Maybe if you're unsure, you can do an LSD trip (Look See Decide)?

All the best with your decision and journey!


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Hi Orion25,

Firstly welcome!

Pages and pages can be written to answer your questions, but I guess some key thoughts I can add are:

1. Immigration is not easy - you've probably heard this already but trust me it's true. It is one of the hardest things you'll ever need to go through and not everybody manages to successfully complete the adjustment

2. But, if you approach it as a calculated decision and have the right attitude once you arrive it can deliver huge rewards and a quality of life second to none - freedom of movement and a level of personal safety long forgotten in South Africa.

3. Some people do go back yes, but many more never return (roughly 85% - 90% stay for good). You seldom hear of them because they are happily living life in their new country.

4. Ultimately you should do what you feel is right for you and your family. You will however come accross many different views and opinions when discussing this with other people.

5. When I made my decision I tried to remove the emotion when initially considering whether I wanted to immigrate or not. View it as a business proposition. You and your wife have x amount of good years left in life, your kids have y amount of years left before leaving school at which point they need the best opportunities at success in life. Do you take a gamble on somewhat of a "dark horse" that can go almost any direction (South Africa) or do you bank your money on something more stable and predictable. Once you make that decision dealing with the emotional "fallout" becomes the next challenge, and is probably the hardest part, but at least you've set a goal and know why you're doing it.

Hope that help with some of the thoughts. Good luck!


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Hi Orion25


My advice is that if you do decide to come over try and do so with both feet. Meaning try not to keep one foot in SA and one foot in Oz, the pull to return may just be to strong to fight for a long time. From my experience most people who have returned have either Businesses, houses, jobs(offer) and/or farms in SA while they try and settle here in Oz. In theory that sounds good that having the security that if the immigration thing does not work out then you have something to go back to. In practise this usually (there are exceptions to the usual) keeps you thinking about back "home" and therefore preventing you from giving Oz your 100%. And it does take 100% effort to experience a successful and happy immigration. It is hard, stressful and can be very lonely at times. But it you are immigrating for the right reasons ( your own right reasons ), you want to make it work and you are willing to work hard and come out of your comfort zone. Then there is no reason why you would return to SA. Immigration is a mind set, and you have to be able to see the tough times thru without giving up. After a few years you may look and think.."wow that wasn't so bad, ??SA why would I want to go back??" :)

You do also need to have strong reasons why you want to immigrate because at times that maybe the only reason why you carry on and see it thru. Don't immigrate just because...(?everyone else seems to be doing it).

Just my 2 c worth.

Good luck and all the best


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Welcome to the forum Orion,

As for people "going back" don't believe the Homecoming Revolution and their figures. They only ever quote returnees from the UK which is about 50%. Of those who return from Aus the figure is 8.8% leave Aus within 5 years of arriving. Of that 8.8%, only 20% return to South Africa while 80% of the 8.8% who leave Aus go to another country (like NZ or the UK or the USA).

So in effect only 1.8% of people return to South Africa from Aus. The sad thing is that 1.8% are very verbal when they return.

But what the official stats do show is that 98.2% are so happy in aus they dont leave. that doesnt mean it is easy going for the first few years. It is hard, very hard. But 98.2% suceed.

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HUGE Welcome to the forum - your at the right place.

Any Q's posted here will be answered in no time.

Happy posting



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Hi To All of you,

Thanks so much for the honest replies, they are really appreciated and will go a long way to helping us in our final decision. We will keep you posted on our progress either way and hope to meet some of you on "the other side" of this forum.

Thanks again so much


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