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Flying off for a holiday


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The plane is chockers full of tourists, waiting to take off.

On board come the two pilots, both wearing dark sunglasses, one tapping his way up the aisle with his cane, the other being led by a blind guide dog.

The passengers laugh and take it as a joke.

However, the pilots head for the cabin, close the door and fire up the engines.

The passengers look nervously around for re-assurance, but none is forthcoming.

Suddenly, the plane starts to move and taxis to the end of the runway, ready for take-off.

There is a deep harbour at the far end of the runway.

The pilots rev the engines up and the plane hurtles down the runway, heading straight for the deep water.

Just before the end of the runway and the deep water, the passengers scream in panic.

The plane lifts off, narrowly missing the water and soars to 30,000 feet.

Everyone on board relaxes and the pilots put the plane on "auto-pilot".

Then one pilot turns to the other and says "You know what? One of these days, those passengers are going to scream too late . . . . and we'll all be killed!"

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I don't want to be on that plane though

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2 Zim pilots are about to land at Heathrow airport, on their approach the one pilot turns to the other and says, 'these runways are the shortest I have seen in my life'.

The other pilot looks left and then right and replies 'and the widest'

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