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Removals recommendation?


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Hi Perthites,

We are moving from Kallaro to Kinross and would appreciate some recommendations on getting our stuff from here to there.

Any of you used a removals company and if so who?

What seems to be the best option for a local move?

We are new here and do not have an extensive "network" to ask for help.


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A mate of mine used these guys and was happy with their service. http://www.1stopmovingshop.com/

They've charged him $200 for the first 2 hours after which it's calculated on a pro-rata basis. Most people try to move all the small stuff themselves by renting a trailer and then get these guys in to move the big stuff to save time/costs. The rate includes insurance.

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You can also try P & L Transport

Peter on 0419 836 484

When we moved from Kallaroo to Ocean reef we had good service from him. A few on my friends have used him as well and no complaints.

Good luck with the move

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Hi, we had a bit of a scary start to our moving day, the removal company never arrived, even after confirming with them on the Thursday before the big move, I looked in our local Joondalup community paper and a company called "Gotta Go" came to our rescue, they were fantastic, they charged $150/hr, 18 months ago, their number is 0428 883 036, Speak to Lee or Jason. They work 7 days a week.


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