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Durban International/King Shaka International Airport

georgie 1

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Thought this might be helpful to some.

Georgie 1



Please advise travellers that on 01 May 2010 the new King Shaka International Airport (KSIA)

becomes operational for all Durban-bound air travel. The existing Durban International Airport

will be decommissioned; although it may be used for a temporary period during the Soccer

World Cup event if required.

All flights into Durban up to and including Friday 30 April 2010 will operate from the current

airport. From 01 May 2010, all flights will officially operate out of the new airport which is located

approximately 35 kilometers north of the city centre.

Please factor in extra time to get to and from KSIA and bear in mind that if you are travelling in

one direction before 30 April and back after 01 May, that you may need a shuttle between the

two airports.


ACSA will provide a shuttle transfer between King Shaka International Airport (KSIA) and

Durban International Airport (DIA) which will cover the cost for passengers that leave cars at

DIA from 01 May for one week only.

Thereafter transportation between both airports will be for the passenger’s account and they

will have to arrange transfers themselves.

Source: Jacqueline Hooijberg

ACSA Durban Airport Manager

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