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Car for Sale - Rav4 - NSW

The Ferreiras

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I know a family who had to go back to SA after the main applicant lost his job on a 457. They bought a Rav4 when they arrived and it is now still in Lismore, NSW. If anybody is coming over and looking for a vehicle this might help.

I have attached the pics I have.

Toyota Rav4

3yr warranty

5 new tyres air con

Dif lock

Central locking

Power steering/Electric windows

Price 8500-9000 Dollars

Please note this is not my car. I am just trying to pay it forward.

The contact details for where the car is:

Contact Sylvia Smith

Lismore Hyd & Engineering

Phone +61266247003

The guy who is trying to sell its email is: amtowell@hotmail.com




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