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Looking for any help or suggestions


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Hi guys,

our family are yearning to come over to AU and start a new life there.

Ever since I've started doing the reserch of "do we qualify for PR or visa" I have found that because we don't have uni degrees or occupation that is on the skills list our chances to get visa before we would arrive are very slim.

I was wondering if there is any other way we could take to achieve our dream. I am from sourcing/procurement backround and have 10yrs experience in it. It's very difficult to get work offer in this field. My husband has worked in hotel industry most of his life.

Can anyone give us tips please?

Thanks in advance


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Best thing to do now is wait for the new SOL list to come out and then see if there is anything on there that could work for you guys. Also get the advice of a good migration agent - even if it is just for an initial consultation - they will be able to tell you what your options are and sometimes point options out that you might not have thought about - for instance state sponsorship, etc.

Good luck!!

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The other option is to get a 457 visa, which is a temporary work visa which is sponsored by a company in Australia. The visa is tied to the company and is issued for a max of 4 years, after which time it can be reapplied for. The visa enables the main applicant to only work for the sponsoring company, so if you leave, made redundant or are fired, you lose the visa and have to either find another sponsor or return to SA. This visa can lead to an Employer Nominated Sponsorship 121 visa (permanent), which is again sponsored by the company, they normally have quick turn arounds (3 months) and can be done on shore.

The problem with going this route is to find a 457 sponsor, is not easy. Also there is always a sense of insecurity until a PR visa is granted, and you could have to work up to a year before the company is able to sponsor you a PR visa. And again the company has to be willing to sponsor you visa in the first place.

We went this route, and would probally have never immigrated had we not done this, but it was filled with a lot of uncertainty and some very stressful times. In the end the result was positive, but have heard situtations where it was not as positive.

Good luck


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First of All - Never give up - where there is a will - there is a way

Second - You might find sponsored positions - I think that this would be possible as many times I have seen sponsored positions for non-degree jobs

Third - Good LUCK

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