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From Perth to Melbourne - Primary schools??


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We are moving from Perth to Melbourne in a few weeks. My daughter is turning 5 in May and if I have it correctly she needs to go to pre-school this year and primary only next year? We were looking to stay in either Templestowe or Doncaster. Unfortunately we did not come right but managed to put in an application on a house in Bulleen, still pending. :lol:

I don't know where to start looking for a good (private or public) primary school with pre-primary facilities. Can anyone please help with any suggestions?

Thank you very much!

Savannah xx

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My grand-daughters went to Serpell Primary School in that area, my daughter-in-law thought that they were excellent at the time. I have to admit though that the kids are now 20 and twins of 18, so it is some years back. Here is a link


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