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looking for Dianne & Andre Minaar


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Hello there,

Please somebody help me find this people!

Does anybody knows Diane and Andre Minaar?The last I knew of them they were in Brisbane and Andre had a career change and become a pastor.

Diane was a art/calligraphy teacher,lovely person!

They have 2 kids(big by now),daughter Kay and son Ryan.

They used to be my clients and I lost contact with them!I am sure they will too happy to get in touch with me,especially when I'll tell them that eventually I am making the big move.

And maybe they are in Perth now!who knows!?

We are leaving for Perth on the 26th Feb...

Thanks in advance

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I found only 4 in Australia, here is a link to the white pages. The 2nd one is an A & D Minnaar, so I am guessing that it may be the people you are searching for.


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Did they immigrate on 2001? If so...

Email: fineart@minnaar.com.au

Tel: +61 (0)421 800 151

Website: http://www.minnaar.com.au

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thank you so much MARA and Search!!You guys are just amazing!

Yes,it is Dianne that I am looking for,I'll give her a call tom!

This forum its just too good to be true!

Thanks a mill AGAIN!!


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Happy for you that we managed to find the right couple for you!

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