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What can we do with the kids on Australian day?

Are there any activities that one can do?

Pls do advise.


Hi Belinda

We not in AU - Were so hoping to be there for Australia Day but it was not ment to be.

Found this site, hope it helps.


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It depends on what area you're in Belinda. Each city council in Adelaide tends to have their own celebrations and then there are a lot of other private parties etc. as well.

Here's a fun one at Glenelg:

:ilikeit:Havianas Thong Challenge

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It will be my first Australia Day Experience...already everywhere you see Aussies flags, souveniers etc.

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Already bought my little flag! :-)

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This is a bit late.... but for future reference:

Our first Australia day was spent in the city watching the cultural parade and then heading in to Elder park for the concert and festivities.

The have the mayor speaking and choir singing as well - really made us feel a part of it all - and understand what the big celebration is all about.

This year, because of the heat the year before I believe they did the parade and concert in the evening - and finished it off with fireworks...

Adelaide always has something going on - if in doubt always check the South Australian website (www.southaustralia.com) "its heaps good" :)

Take care,


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