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Looking for an Accountant at a CA practice


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My husband took up this position when we arrived at the peak of the recession and besides very little jobs around for accountants...everybody was looking for Australian experience. He secured this job and just completed 6 months in this position. He loved the job and got along very well with his female employer, BUT it is 1600 km north of Perth. I was working and living in Perth and only saw him every second weekend for 3 days. He just secured a job in Perth from Feb and promised his current employer in the outback that he will help her looking for a replacement as she has had a lot of positive experiences working with SA accountants in the past, and of course now with my dear husband.

Please PM me if anybody is interested. It is in the Pilbara area and the only accomodation available is a very luxurious motorhome, thus it is not for the fainthearted! But it paid the bills and got him the necessary AUSSIE experience! We will both remember this period as a very hard and bumpy start in Oz, though special in its own way!

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