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Where to stay?

Michele R

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We're heading for Perth on the 24th of January and I am really getting quite excited. I've done some Google Earthing and it looks like a great area. Initially we'll be staying with family in beautiful Ocean Reef, but will be looking for a place of our own as soon as we get there.

Some of the areas we've been looking at are Scarborough,City Beach, Nedlands and Woodlands. I'm hoping to continue my studies at the University of WA and hubby might possibly working in the city and Bentley (south of the river).

What are these areas like and how's traffic in the mornings? Any other possible suggestions would be really welcome.

Thanks so much!

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Hi Michelle

Woodlands, nedland and City Beach are quite expensive areas to rent in, beautiful areas though.

If you dont have young children and worry about schools Leederville, Wembley,Innaloo are also options to look at.

If Hubbie is going to work in Bently, perhaps South bPerth and Como are also an option, they are accessible to UWA.

Good Luck with your move over.

Pop in for coffee/drink if you are going to be in Ocean Reef.



Traffic into the City is always an issue at peak hour, but nothing like Joburg Traffic

We have to whinge about something!!! So Traffic will do

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:holy: Love the traffic comment!

Thanks for the info, will have a looksy at Wembley, Innaloo and Leederville.

Will keep in contact and hopefully pop in for a drink (might need it after the flight!) :ilikeit:

No kids, so we're quite flexible as to where to stay since we don't have to worry about schools.

Ocean Reef looks stunning, wish we could stay there, but it's just too far for us. Doesn't mean we can't come visit!

Thanks again for the advice, really appreciate it!

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Innaloo is nice and central. We stayed there for six months and missed it when we left.

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