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Truck driver

hestie tt

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Hi everyone

My brother is looking for a job as a truck driver any where in Oz. He has exeperience in ZAR/Africa and USA. I have made a list of all the mayor job sites (seek, etc) but I am looking for companies that he can contact direct. He can do dangerous chemicals too.

Any ideas?



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Hi Hestie

Is your brother already in Australia? If not, and you are hoping to get him in on a 457 as a truck driver, I am sad to tell you I don't think that you will have any chance of that, as to my knowledge, 457's are only issued to people with 'recognised skills' and unfortunately, I do not think that a 'truck driver', regardless of how accomplished, would fall within that category.

You could always contact one of the migration agents on this website and ask them for their opinion, far more accurate than mine.

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He'd need to have a Heavy Vehicles Licence.

These are not given out like liqourice alsorts . . . . . for good reason . . . . . . and any vehicle over 15 tons needs a licence from the Australian gov't . . . . not a local State licence which covers cars, motor bikes and light trucks.

You need to drive for at least a year on a light truck licence before going for a practical driving test in a Heavy Truck, then spend a year driving those before going for a practical driving test for semi-trailers (artics).

I was in the heavy transport business for over 30 years, saw all sorts of changes unfold. I got my truck licence, in the early 70s, on the strength of riding down the street on a Honda 50 motorbike!!!

Not nowadays.

I hold a Multi Combination (Twin or Triple Articulated Vehicle or "Road Train") licence but could only qualify for a little van licence in England last year, despite driving heavy vehicles much bigger than anything they have on their roads.

The only solution I can think of is to apply to a mine where he'd be driving all the time, back and forth, within the mine site.

On main roads across Australia, however, he'd need that heavy vehicle licence . . . . . not easily become.

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Thank you Mara and Bob :ilikeit:

You always give good advice! Bob I have send your comments to my brother - looks like he can not just convert his USA license.



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