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Need second hand workbooks

riana janse van rensburg

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Dear Members,

We are moving from George SA to Canberra. I need second-hand workbooks for my 3 boys for year 7 and 10 to do revision.

I need the following books:

Year 10 English Workbook; Revise in a Month Advanced Mathematics; Revise in a Month Intermediate Mathematics; Science revision workbook

Year 5 -10 All you need to know about Grammer; Developing Your Comprehension skills; Essay writing step-by-step.

Year 6 English workbook and start up maths.

Any second hand books available - please mail me to: rianajvr@vodamail.co.za or ihccentre@gmail.com

I hope you can help me?

Sal my kinders maklik aanpas?


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