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Canberra and Sydney

Milada (Ms Maritz)

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It's a bit of short notice, but we only found out a few days back that everyone in our family is on leave between Christmas and New Years.

So we want to go to Canberra after Christmas till New Years, but can't really afford accommodation. Is there anybody from Canberra interested in house swapping for that period?

We live in the South of Sydney (Cronulla area), about 26km from the CBD. It's a four bedroom house, with a swimming pool, 7km from a beautiful beach.....

We are just looking for a house that can accommodate 6 people (we have one camping mattress that we can bring along) somewhere in or near Canberra. We just want to do sightseeing during the day.

Please, if there is anybody from Canberra out there who want to come to Sydney for a holiday, please let me know!!



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