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Pretoria : Looking for a tenant for your house??


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After a horrific experience with our previous tenants, we decided to let a friend of us rent our house while it is in the market for sale! He paid the water and electricity and only half of what our previous tenants pay, as we were to scared to take the risk again of people we dont know etc; also as he had the inconvenience of a house which was in the market, it was a win-win situation for both. ALL of the estate agents could not stop singing his praises as the "perfect tenant"! Their feedback was that whenever they had a show day or took interested buyers through our house, it was always spotlessly clean and the garden and swimming pool in perfect condition etc. He is a professional man who is divorced with a girlfriend and is in his 40's. He is working in Pretoria East / Faerie GLen area and I am sure he would prefer a place to rent near to his work. He did not ask me to advertise on his behalf, I just want to help him as our house got sold and we heard today that registration will take place in January. So he has already started looking for rentals (house or townhouse) to move into in the first week of January.

I can really fully recommend him and can assure you it will be a win-win situation if you ask this guy a reasonable rent for which you will have peace of mind while in Oz. PM me if you want his details.

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