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Christmas Eve

Milada (Ms Maritz)

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If you don't want to spend Christmas Eve alone, feel free to join us at our house on 24 December 2009 from 16:00 onwards.....

We will just enjoy the evening with all our Saffer friends with swimming, playing games, eating, singing Christmas carols, and if we can find a Santa, by handing out gifts....

What to bring:

Food, snacks and drinks for yourself.... whatever you fancy. If you want to braai, we have a gas braai so you can help yourself... if you just want to snack, bring your own snacks.... if you want to put a turkey in the oven..... well, you get the idea - you can eat whatever you fancy!

Please bring your own cutlery! If you want to use mine, you must just please be so kind as to put it in the dishwasher :ilikeit: Hey, it's Christmas, I'm allowed to be lazy!

Cossies..... swimwear!

If you have camping chairs, please bring!

If you want to hand out gifts to your own family, please bring them along! If there is anybody who has a Santa suit and wants to be Santa, please let me know!

We will be hanging photos of our families back in South Africa on our Christmas tree.... if you want to bring pictures of your families and friends in South Africa, please bring along - in that way they can all share Christmas with us!

Please PM me for address details!

We are a bunch of South Africans that are going to Wattamolla beach in the Royal National Park on Christmas Day. I wasn't involved in arranging that, but as soon as I have all the details, I will let you know!

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:stretcher: Fantastic idea! :ilikeit:

We'll still be in Brisbane over Christmas but would love to arrange a Saffer get together once in Sydney. We will also be settling in the South.

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Ah, it's a pity Nilo can't be here! Let me know when you arrive, so that we can arrange a welcome party!

Africa2aus, we are in the south east of Sydney..... 7km from Cronulla beach... You can have a look at Google Maps for Cronulle and our suburb is Lilli Pilli...

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Thanks, Mrs Maritz, but it's too far for us to go especially as we have all the last minute stuff to do.

Enjoy it and Christmas day too!

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