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Seven Bridges Walk


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A good way to get to see some of Sydney is to do the "Seven Bridges Walk".

This walk which crosses seven of the major bridges in Sydney, including the Harbour Bridge and the Anzac Bridge, has become an annual event. It will be held on Sunday next week (25 October).

You can see more about this and register at http://www.7bridgeswalk.com.au/

Actually, you can do this walk any time you want really - I first did it six years ago before it became an organised event.








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Next year I'm definitely doing this - I'm in good old SA at the moment..... but maybe it's a good thing, because now I have a year to get fit - I see the entire course is 25km :ilikeit: but luckily you don't have to walk the entire course, there is free transport available!

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. . . there is free transport available!

That is one advantage of doing it on the day of the organized walk. Even at other times you can bail out at various points along the way and catch a bus or train. As it is a big loop, you can start and end at any point on it, and of course, you don't have to do the whole loop. There is also scope to vary the route a bit along the way.

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