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Hi all,

It was brought to my attention that some Coffee Club or get-togethers in South Africa are organised away from the forum.

I would like to encourage everyone to announce a get-together / Coffee Club on the forum, as this will bring a whole bunch of people together to share their experiences and aspirations with each other :ilikeit: . I’ve met wonderful people at previous Coffee Clubs and some of them became very close and special friends :hug: .

Please let me know if you would like some assistance with arranging a Coffee Club, but it is really so easy…. Decide on a date (try to avoid long weekends, school holidays and sport events) and venue, announce it on the forum and expect a huge turnout.

Enjoy the coffee.

Lovies, Pippa! X

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Hi Pippa

We are in the process of arranging a lunch at Spur, only reason why it has been done via

email and not the forum is because there are so many exchanges going on and we trying to set a date that suits everyone.

This get together involves a booking with Spur and separate bill arrangements with management, not many places are keen on huge tables with separate billing :angry:

The initial post for the get together was posted on the JHB link (EAST RAND GET TOGETHER), anyone is still welcome to join.

I understand if its at a public venue with a bring and braai etc with no major costs involved then yes that all can be done over the forum. Its a case of posting the invite details, going there and seeing who arrives.

The bonus with doing it via email etc is that even before the event I feel I know the families just by all the personal contact :unsure:

Will see how it goes, it's our first one.



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