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Electrician with SA Wireman's licence


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Hi there you beautifull people.

We are stuck in SA and desperately want to get outa here! My husband is a Olifantsfontein Trade Qualified Electrician with his wireman's licence & is busy doing his N4 Electrical Engineering courses. Due to the fact that all colleges in SA have bad lecturers who don't even pitch for class, my husband has to pay for classes but does all the study work himself & even have to help & correct the "teachers".

We have tried a lot of different recruitement companies, job sites, etc. but no luck. We really want to go to Australia, before we have any children.

We were wondering if there is anybody out there who can help us in the right direction of getting a sponsor.

HELP PLEASE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Kind Regards

Marelize & Gerhard Lourens



+72 724360618

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Hi Marelize & Gerhard,

I think at the moment it's a bit difficult getting sponsorship, but I'm sure it's not impossible.

Unfortunately I don't know how you would go about it, but I just want to wish you all the best and say don't give up.

Have you looked at other alternatives if you perhaps can't get a sponsored visa?

Maybe look at State Sponsored Visas. There are lists I think on immi website which gives you the professions that are sought by the different states. That might be another possibility. I'm just not 100% sure as we're going to PR route.

All the best and hope your dream comes true!

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Thanx so much for your help MichelleR. :lol:

We were actually thinking if was maybe at all possible to first get the job & then go throuhg all the stuff we need to, as their is timelimits on some of the documents we need for our visa application. :blush: We would to secure a job in Australia first before we do the big move. If you maybe have some links to electrical installation contractors or something similar that would be great.

Thank you again. :ilikeit:

Marelize & Gerhard

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