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Zim: can I avoid getting unabridged BC?


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Hi, I'm a newbie so sorry if I am asking something already discussed - I couldn't find an answer.

My OH has an "Extract of entry of Birth Registered in the district of Bulawayo in Rhodesia" - A5 in size with no parents listed etc.

Am I right in assuming that he needs to get an unabridged version of his birth certificate.

Has anyone managed to get around this and get through without one - does it depend on your CO?

The next question is given we have only just started the application process so probably have a long time lag before a birth certificate is needed. Is it worth us trying to get a copy through the Zimbabwe consulate in South Africa rather than an agency?


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I saw a thread a while ago. Apparently you can and do need to apply for it and bunnyhop helped the poster. Maybe search the forum and see if you can find the post.

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I can not answer all of your questions, but this I know: you do need unabridged birth certificates. You will need them again for your Aussie passport - and believe me, if you think it was a pain to get a visa, try applying for your passport!! Even if you make a small mistake on your form, the whole thing gets thrown out, and they won't even look at it without unabridged birth certificates if you were born outside Australia. We also needed a marriage certificate to proof that my surname has legally changed, as it was different from the surname on my birth certificate. We even had to drag our guarantor to the Post because they threw out the form because the "h" looked like an "a" in the part he filled out. Another time, the signature was "hanging over" the date - note, not touching it, but hovering in the vicinity of the date! That must be the most stressful experience I've had in Australia! Anyway, 4 tries later and we finally got our passports! Sorry, I'm completely off the topic now.

I don't know how easy or difficult it would be to get an unabridged birth certificate from Zimbabwe and which would be the best way to go. If you contact an agent, and they offer the service, obviously they would have done it before and would know how to get it, so I'd go with an agent. When we migrated to Australia, we had the motto: "whatever it takes" - so no effort or amount of money was spared to ensure we get here and stay here! It's a small investment to make for a big future! :ilikeit:

Good luck with all of that.

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Hi Short & Tall

Contact Bunnyhop. My mom was born in Zim but had lost her BC. Bunnyhop was able to get the doc (for a fee of course) provided you have the birth registry entry number. It took 2 weeks to get at a cost of R1650 (but worth every single cent and peace of mind!!!)


Good luck

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HI Short and Tall

Welcome :ilikeit: - hope you get sorted out.


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Thanks everyone for your advice and welcome it is much appreciated after a week of trawling through loads of paperwork and websites and then trying to find everything we need.

It looks as if BunnyHop seems the way to go for the unabridged birth certificate.

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Welcome to the forum Short&Tall,

Which visa are you applying for and where are you thinking of going in Aus?

Wishing you all the best with your Aus plans and hope get the birth cert.

Let us know how things go!

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Hi there,

My OH was born in Zambia and BunnyHop could not help us - our agency says all is ok though, we're just getting other proof of birth dates and we have a declaration that he has to sign and certify.

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We are in a similar (altho' slightly worse position...no birth certificate at all!! :boxing:) Have been in contact with Bunnyhop and they will definitely be able to help you. You can no longer apply for an unabridged cert outside of Zim. If you have family or friends in Zim you can try to get them to help you...we are trying this as Bunnyhop fees are hefty and we have a friend that is willing to help, however all my dealings with bunnyhop have been good and they are certainly worth trying.

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Hi Short & Tall,

Only spotted your post now (Sun 05 Jul). Have you come right yet with that Bulawayo BC?

If not, you are most welcome to contact me: andylec@absamail.co.za or 079 411 5951

No promises, but I will gladly try. My dad is still in Bulawayo (called him yesterday) and last year September

he just went and stood in a queue and 2hrs later he had my unabridged BC. The important info we would need to

give my dad are 2 things: Full name and surname + the Birth Entry No. which should appear on that A5 one that

you currently have. If we are successful I would want to be able to give my dad a nominal R400 or so.

It must be a Bulawayo birth though, we tried to get one for a Harare born person, needless to say that was in vein,

they do not have any kind of electronic system, let alone a "linked system". If the BC you require is there, they

simply sit there and write it out with that day's stamp on.

I am convinced that each CO in Oz is different, or has different moods - we'll never know for sure. As for me,

(and thrilled as you can imagine) my PR visa was granted on Thu 02 Jul 2009, Bulawayo BC and all!!!

Don't hesitate to contact me, even about the visa process - info/suggestions given free of charge! Just like all

the other forumites.


Andre du Preez

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I haven't set things up properly to track new posts so missed these later posts until today - and thank you so much for the offer Andre I would have opted for it had I seen it.

I am pleased to report that the agent I used who sent the request for the unabridged BC on the 3rd July emailed me today to say it has arrived in their offices today.

Congrats Andre on your PR visa - you must as you say be thrilled - I can't imagine how I will feel if (please let it happen) I get to that stage.

Thanks again everyone

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