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Has anyone taken a cruise ship to Oz?


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Well, we flew to Australia in March this year to validate our visas, and now need to get back to Australia again. Flying is not my most favourite pastime and I am not looking forward to the return trip - how I wish now that I'd stayed in Australia in March!

So... I have been wondering if anyone has taken a cruise ship from South Africa to Australia, either as an alternative to flying, or just for a break - has anyone? What was the experience like? Which cruise companies do the trip? How does the price of a cruise compare to flights? Does a big cruise liner feel safer than a cruise ship like the local Symphony?

I am hoping it will be a leisurely trip, we'll see some dolphins along the way, and perhaps pop in quickly to see a country or so on the way. Or is a cruise a nightmare of noise and people and very expensive?

Any advice or personal experiences would be useful! Thanks so much! B)

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I worked for a freight company many moons ago. At the time they also took passengers on a freight ship. This was mostly used by people with fear of flying and back then (1999-ish) I think a ticket was priced around R20 000 for a trip to UK from Cape Town on one of these freight liners.

What I do know is that you will be treated like a king/queen on these trips.

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To my knowledge there are no cruise ships that go between Africa and Australia, so you may have to go on one of those round the world cruises, which could prove to be pretty expensive.

Just google "round the world cruises" I am sure you will get many answers there.

I found one for you, looks like the duration is 36 days! I would love to do that. Here is the link for the 2009 cruise, but I am sure you will find the info there for 2010.


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Thanks for the replies everyone. Thanks for the link, Mara - the company seems to be one of the few that makes the trip. The only problem with cruise ships is that you can't just pick any date - there seems to only be one trip a year, or even less frequently sometimes. I will definitely post information if I find out anything more. :cry:

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Hi Guys

I went on a cruise from Durban to Mauritius in 1997, so maybe there is another cruise liner than cruises from Mauritius to Perth or to another Aus city. I was 19 when I did the cruise and there were a lot of senior people on the cruise (65+) It was a great deal of fun, even survived a cyclone!

Happy sailing....


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Hubby is also aviophobic and we looked up cruises to aus on the internet. As you have said I don't think they go very regularly but they do go. To get to Melbourne takes 34 days. They have offices in SA but when I emailed them I received no response. I can't even remember the name of the cruise line but it did look interesting, as we still have 1 - 2 years waiting ahead i got no further. On average a local cruise costs about a thousand rand a day so I would guess it would cos between 30 and 40 thousand but it's just a guess. I googled the info. If you manage to get more information please let me know, it may be my only option. Thanks


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