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WARNING: New Pandemic


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I went to a dinner party last night, where I and other guests enjoyed

copious amounts of alcohol. I awoke this morning not feeling well, with

what could be described as flu-like symptoms; headache, nausea, chills,

sore eyes etc.

From the results of some initial testing, I have unfortunately tested

positive for what experts are now calling Wine Flu. This debilitating

condition is very serious and it appears this is not an isolated case.

Reports are flooding in from all around the neighbourhood of others

diagnosed with Wine Flu.

To anyone that starts to exhibit the aforementioned tell-tale signs,

experts are recommending a cup of tea and a bit of a lie down.

However, should your condition worsen, you should immediately hire a

DVD and take some Nurofen [Nurofen seems to be the only drug available

that has been proven to help combat this unusual type of flu]. Others

are reporting potato cakes and dim sims can also help in some cases.

Wine Flu does not need to be life threatening, and if treated early

can be iradicated within a 24-48 hour period. If not, then further

application of the original liquid in similar quantities to the

original dose has been shown to do the trick.

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You might want to add that if wine flu is not treated appropriately which includes loads of sympathy from the non-infected, then it can rapidly progress to a rather severe case of whine flu... :hug:

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LOL!! Very good!

yeah, have had that flu once too many times myself! (tee,hee)

EricaC :hug:

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LOL! And remember not to operate any heavy machinery.......so leave the vacuum cleaner alone for a

few days!

EricaC :rolleyes:

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I think I feel a case of wine flu coming on ! (It is Friday after all...) :ilikeit:

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Tomato juice helps for wine flu, trust me.

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