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Baggage Allowance on Emirates flights


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Hi Everyone

Emirates airline has increased its baggage allowances on its flights from 20kg to 30kg in economy class.

Keep this in mind when travelling to Aus for final emigration or for LSD/family/holiday visits.

Emirates has increased all weight based checked baggage allowances by 10 kgs, meaning we now have one of the world’s most generous baggage policies. Economy Class customers can now check in 30 kgs, Business Class travellers may take 40 kgs and if you are flying First Class you can travel with 50 kgs of checked baggage.

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Is sport equipment now part of their allowance? Qantas upped their allowance from 20 to 23kg in January, but your sporting goods (like golf clubs) are now part of the 23 kg. I had to pay $200 excess the other day as I did not know about this and I carried my golf clubs with me.


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Woohoo, this is great news JJ! :ilikeit:

Looks like we'll be flying Emirates from CT to Brissies when we go.

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Thanks JJ... you really live up to your name with all the flight info!!!


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