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Looking for a Management Accountant Position in Brisbane


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Hi Everyone

I've been in Brisbane now close on 7 weeks and battling to get an Accounting job. I'm keen to do anything. I've got experience in Internal Audit, Financial & Management Accounting, Project Management. Industries involved in have been manufacturing, sales & marketing, clothing, IT Service industry & horse racing industries. My degree has been assessed by the Institute of Chartered Accountants in Australia and I am required to do a bridging course on Oz Law and Corporation Law, which I've enrolled at Uni to do.

Willing to get involved in anything just so LONG AS i get given an opportunity. So if anyone knows of anything please let me know. I've applied through a number of Agencies and they say it is tough at the moment but that with my skills & experience and qualifications I should get a job. Just need to hang in there.

Any assistance will be greatly appreciate

Kind regards


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Hi, just wanted to say hope you find a job soon. My son has also just finished his degree and is also going to be doing the bridging course you mentioned.


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Hey Kent

Good luck boet !!

'ditto' to Jill - my son is also busy 'converting' his degree at ECU, re-doing the subjects you mentioned, and Tax which seems to be rather different here......

He was doing his articals in Jo'burg, and the firm were positive about placing him here in Oz (Perth), but that did not happen due to the serious economic down turn - so he is also lOOkinG .......

hang in there, something will come along :-)

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