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Hi there

I have been contacted by Carl Thomas [carl.thomas@apexrs.com.au] from apex for this roll but unfortunately I have only provided training for end users in JDE and do not have programming background ;)

In any case, if you are interested. He mentioned that they are not looking to sponsor someone (due to the recession) and look for someone already in Australia, but you may try your luck, you will never know. Just mention that I have indicated that no sponsorship is available.

Also, please be so kind as to indicate my name when you apply (Adri van Rensburg)

Thanks and good luck.


Position Title: Senior Application Programmer JDE & Desktop Development

FIRG Code: SSW2.3 / 2.4

Department: Information Technology

Reports to: Business Service Manager - Corporate Support

Authorised by: General Manager Finance & Administration

Incumbent: Vacant

Date Prepared: March 2009

Overall Position Purpose:

This role is responsible for the development and support/maintenance of various applications supporting the Corporate Support area of TCorp. This role will predominately cover development, support and maintenance of JDE and desktop applications (VBA/Access), with opportunities to work on other applications/technology including:

• Trim (Record Management)

• Lotus Notes

• Web development

Experience & Qualifications:

• Minimum 3 years JDE CNC experience, with some development experience

• Plus minimum 3 years experience with desktop applications using Access/VBA and general support of Windows applications

• Proven ability to work directly with the business in relation to specifying requirements and developing/enhancing system functionality

• Proven ability to perform impact analysis

• Good understanding of “system development lifecycle†(SDLC) methodologies

• Ability to work alone with minimum supervision

• Ability to work with and manage vendors/service providers

• Desire to learn new technology

• Degree qualified

Highly Desirable:

Any of the following additional skills would be highly desirable:

• Knowledge of financial markets and wealth management.

• Experience with website development and support, and skills with any of the following HTML, Java Script, CMS

• Experience with Lotus Notes

• Experience with Trim (Record Management)

Skills and Attributes:

• High level logical and lateral thinking skills

• Strong problem solving skills

• A team player

• High attention to detail and process

• Drive to achieve results/goal orientation

• Demonstrated organisational skills

• Strong relationship management skills

• Proven communication skills (written and verbal)

• User support

Key Behaviours:



The willingness to work in a cooperative and helpful manner with other staff and team members. Teamwork requires focusing on team as well as individual goals and actively assisting team members towards the achievement of a common goal.

Proactively Participates: Proactively participates in team meetings and decision making processes. Puts forward ideas for improvement of team’s performance. Encourages others to participate in team processes.

Results Focus


The willingness or the ability to do the job well and to deliver results. It involves doing things better and more effectively and sticking at something until it is delivered. It also includes setting and achieving challenging goals (for self and/or team).

Strives to Improve Business Performance: Continually sets challenging goals (for self and team) which are realistic but typically more challenging than those set by the organisation. Identifies opportunities for improvements in outcomes, processes and systems to improve results and performance.

Continuous Improvement Focus


The willingness to improve existing processes and procedures and find better ways of doing things, in terms of effectiveness (quality, accuracy, reliability etc.) and/or efficiency (cost, timeliness, etc.). This may involve challenging established processes and procedures or bringing in ideas from elsewhere to add value to TCorp.

Modifies Practices: Monitors efficiency and work practices and modifies procedures to provide a more effective and efficient service. Shares best practice tips with others so that they can improve their performance.

Demonstrating Initiative


The willingness to take action rather than simple thinking about it, spotting opportunities and doing things now in order to avoid potential problems in the future. It is about being persistent in addressing issues/potential obstacles.

Anticipates and Acts for the Longer Term: Thinks and acts proactively for the future, pursuing specific targets that will provide longer term opportunity for the business. Anticipates well in advance what might occur in order to plan action and build in contingencies.

Problems Solving


The ability to understand problems and situations by systematically breaking down the problem or situation, assessing and interpreting options, weighing up and prioritising alternatives, and thinking through options.

Weighs Alternatives and Makes Recommendations or Plans: Takes apart broader and complex problems and situations and identifies key components. Thinks through different options and weighs up options for their ability to add value to TCorp and/or clients and arrives at alternative approaches/solutions. Uses this information to develop well formulated plans/recommendations which set out the key priorities and major milestones.

Key Position Accountabilities:

Major Standards

 Adhering to Project Management Methodologies

 Process Analysis

 Production system support

Tasks include:

• Working with users to understand their requirements

• System requirements analysis

• Systems design

• Development

• Testing

• Implementation

• Documentation

• Support and maintenance

• Status reporting

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