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Australian Citizenship test


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Check to see if you are ready to take the Australian Citizenship test...

Ha,ha!!! A Latin test would be easier!

EricaC :blink:

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missus sez cit test is sommer k$k..and then what about our classical kombuis afrikaans?

so eintlik we have to do ielts then we mst be able to "chune" like we know it all.

and if we fail the cit test,what then?

we are sa indians. :lol:

"can ve be able to a tezt so then ve vill be hable to get setizen vit hour hindian hecsent or vill ve ave to speeek like de horsetr aliens?" :(

has it is ,ve speek hinglish in sa kinda faanie, : hand vat vill it bee like to say "barbi" coz thaat means "sistar-hin-lore" hin hour maader taang" :ilikeit:

i guess if you can pronounce, read and understand what i have written above then it wilbe a"walk in the park".ps. not safe to walk in the park in sa .

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Briiliant :ilikeit::ilikeit:

I have a lot to learn!!Ok I get chuck a sickie and a U-ey but how do you chuck a spaz? :ilikeit:


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The nerve! They make us do tests to proove we can speak English, but it doesn't look like they've spoken it in a while! ;)

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