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Off-road riding in Sydney


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Hi - we are coming to Sydney in May 2009 (family holiday) Does anyone know where my hubby can do some off-road riding in the area? Will need to hire a bike & kit.

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Try googling for "blue mountains bike riding". There are tons have places there, including the old Olympic track (if it's still operational - as I haven't been there for a quite a while)

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What off road riding does your hubby do...bicycle or motorbike? I assumed motorbike and then started second guessing myself!! If it is motorbike, my hubby joined a forum called dirtbikeworld.net where he met lots of Aussie bikers who then organised kit & a bike for him to borrow and took him on a trip just north of Brisbane when we were there in December. It was great and he loved every minute of it until he injured his knee. <_< Then he spent the rest of our trip on crutches while I tried to schlep 3 kids and luggage around!! :lol:

Hope that helps! :lol:


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