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Lisa: Hi Everyone!

Guest Lisa

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Hi to everyone,

So glad to have found another forum. Dedrei, Hendrie and the others - THANK YOU for all your input in making this work! The comments of the old forum was getting a bit much and a little "old".

Well, we currently live in Johannesburg, SA and will be in Mackay, QLD in June. Glad to see Serileen and Queensland Girl here.

Serileen, I will be sending you an e-mail today.

Look forward to having a good forum here....

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Hi Lisa

So glad you could joing us. WELCOME!!

Lovely place this and it is gonna grow... we just need to spread the word.

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Hi Lisa!

Welcome to the forum! Your post got a little "way-layed" but now restored! Hope you enjoy the friendships you'll develop here!

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June in Mackay-well there you go.

Luckily you have Serileen there to settle you down and soon Willem will be there too.

Me thinks there are going to be many braai's in Mackay.

Good luck on the last 5 months in SA.This is a really difficult time and we all understand.

Visit us often and tell us how things are going.

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