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Great Ocean Road


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We decided to take father in law on the Great Ocean Road for a day trip and see how far we could get. Left late (jet-lagged people sleep late, did you know? :ilikeit::D), so didn't get as far as we had hoped, but the route is beautiful. Lost a lot of time getting to the western side of the city. Lots of trucks on the road at the moment with all the construction that's happening.

Went through Geelong, Torquay and Lorne. Made it to Sheoak Waterfall. Unfortunately it had been dry for a while, so the waterfall was more like a drip, but the next fall was a 7km hike. By that time we decided we needed to get home. We had left at 10 am and it was approximately 3:30pm. We had had two long stops, one for lunch and one for the kids to play in the waves (they promised not to get wet... ended up having to buy towels :blush: )

Oh, and we finally got to see kangaroos at Bells Beach (we are a sad case... 9 months in Aus and the first time we see them! :P)

Note you have to drive on the left ;)



























Waterfall hike:









Slideshow: http://s270.photobucket.com/albums/jj117/p...mview=slideshow

PS the smoky photos are because we haven't washed the car windows in a while.... Sorry :D

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Thanks for these Polly, I was wondering about the great ocean road, now I know what I have to look forward too it looks beautiful!

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We can't wait to go see the rest of it :ilikeit: Took over 600 pictures for this little bit :ilikeit: Hubby just shook his head at me :ilikeit:

There are a TON of camping sites (with chalets too if you are like me and don't like roughing it too much) along the road. Definitely want to do it over a long weekend at one stage.

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Thanks so much for sharing, Polly!

Loved the Torquay beach pics, what a classic location! The reflection pic is also beautiful. All your photo essays makes us feel that we should move to VIC after all.

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AB FAB, Polly, that church is just beautiful, and that little cutie pie standing looking at the water!!!!(just to sweet)


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There are some really beautiful churches around here.

The little one is my youngest :) She is nearly two. The boss of the house of course...

Omzig, now you know my ulterior motive ;):D

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Hi Polly,

thanks for the lovely pics. We have just returned from the Great Ocean Road. and thoroughly enjoyed it. Next time see if you can get as far as the 12 apostles. Definately worth a visit.

As we went tthrough Anglesea (just after Torquay) there was a brown sign indicating a lookout to the right and we went there. We saw three kangaroos foraging for food. The one looked a bit fat and then we realised there was a joey in its pocket.

On the way past Kennet's river (on the way to Apollo Bay), we stopped at the caravan park and the sand road past the park has some kaolas in the tree. They were high up and looked asleep. When we were on our way to the lighthouse at Cape Ottway, we stopped and saw a kaola half way down the tree. It climbed all the way down and ran into the undergrowth. We managed to get a few lovely pics of it though. the great ocean road really is lovely and off course if you have teenagers you have to stop at Torquay beach andl et them join about 60 other surfers... they all wear wetsuits when surfing but they have some factory outlets off the main road (behind ripcurl and quicksilver) that sell cheaper wetsuits.

It makes for a great place to visit and all the little coves and inlets reminded me a bit of the otter trail hike we did in the eastern cape some years back.

thanks for all your lovely pics. Recently visited the Carribean gardens after seeing your photos here. Also a good spot for a days outing. Keep on finding these great places as I love reading about them.



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Thanks :blush: Glad you enjoy the photos. Trip sounds fantastic. Really hoping we can go on a longer trip later this year. Want to try in spring so the kids can go swimming again (they won't forgive me otherwise ;)) Thanks for the tip about the wet suits. That is awesome.

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Polly your photo albums must be amazing!!! Don't knock the camping till you try it, but in style. Take a good blow up matress and heater. Although with a 2 year old this could be quite an adventure if it's your first outing. About 15 years ago hubby (then boyfriend) brought home a tent and announced we were going camping. After veld school, my reaction was enjoy yourself. But once the trailer was packed to the lid and then some off we went and have never looked back. Now we have a really comfy caravan and go out as often as we can. The experience, for the kids is fantastic. They mix so easily with the others in the area and when the cricket set or soccer ball is taken out, there are about 10 kids all playing together. It is really great, especially as they get older. Even here in SA ther are many camp site where I don't see them except if they are hungry or tired and I don't panic.

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Hi Polly ,

Thanks for pic's! They are great - we did the Great ocean road in 2007 when we came on our LSD trip -your photos reminded me of how beautiful it is.We stayed at a holiday rental place which we swapped on RCI - it was fantastic and the accommodation was outstanding .My son who lives in Melbourne showed us all the sites..........the hotel was like stepping back in time .......... .seeing your pics make me think that it is time for a trip back there !

Thanks again . :ilikeit::)


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Really great to see these photos, thanks! And I liked the photo of your little one - very cute. :ilikeit:

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