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Hi all

This whole journey started in July last year with a inter-company transfer for me and a work mate. Lucky for me as I do not know how I would have done this on my own as the two of us struggled trough the first few months.

A big thanks you to the people on this forum for all the advice and useful links posted on here. Every time there was a question about something I was sure to find the answer here and it has help us a lot. Whenever someone back home asks for advice if they are thinking to take the big step I refer them to the forum.

Well I must say it has not been easy landing here with only two suitcases. Crazy I know but living in Joburg was sure not living at all this I know now.

Highlights of being here for almost 7 months: New Years at the Opera house between 20 thousand people with my kids and not one fight or drunken disorder.

Using public transport, always on time, no parking problems and no stress. One of the kids got sick was in hospital for almost a week. Excellent treatment from 4 specialists, making sure they ticked all the boxes before making a diagnosis. Hospital bill and other expenses were paid within two weeks by the medical aid no questions ask.

Hardest part of this whole experience: Getting use to the people at work, the way they think and the way they do things, even if it is the same company and we work on the same system. Looks like after 7 months they are getting use to my face and are no longer afraid to come over to have a chat. Learning to relax or as they keep on telling me "unworry yourself".!! Making new friends and meeting people, still working on the trust thing.

When we miss home I pop into our local Franklins store , pick up some Jelly Tots and Simba chips for the kids and some Ouma Rusk and Ricoffee,(Sorry the stores is only in Sydney) get on Skype and have a chat with the family.

Good luck to all of you taking on the big move!

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Welcome in the forum and be sure to keep contributing !!

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Hi Zetter

Officially welcome to the forum, although you seem to have been around for a while! Glad to hear you are settling in, I know, it does take a bit of time to get used to things this side!

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