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Colour Your World Women's Conference 2009


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For all the woman out there.

If you need to be encouraged or need to be pampered or would like to get connected to other women you possibly would be interested in the Colour conference.

See details below:

First conference 26- 28th March is fully booked. There is still some spots open in the 2nd Conference 30thMarch – 1 April

For more details see: http://www4.hillsong.com/colour/

The Whisper has become a SHOUT

I've heard it said that the "worth or depth of a nation is measured by the character of its womanhood". I've also heard it stated that the nations that place the least amount of value upon their women, are also often those most impoverished in society. The United Nations HAS been recorded as saying that "the solution to poverty is to empower womenâ€.

These are bold statements and bold declarations, yet none of this is new to God nor to His master plan for the earth. The COLOUR conference for the past decade and more has brought a strong message of hope to women, knowing that when women are believed in, celebrated and inspired, they can arise in their potential and make the world a better, stronger and more beautiful place.

So in this context, what does it mean to truly live life to the fullest? What does it mean to be women who are alive, passionate, loved and loving? What does it mean to be encouraged and encouraging, seen and heard, capable and willing? What does it mean to be an agent of change in a world hungry for change, yet deteriorating on so many fronts.

I believe that as the COLOUR SISTERHOOD continues to gather and strengthen, that the once "still small whisper" will become a deafening shout that will help execute God's redemptive heart across the earth. It's a shout that will penetrate boredom and mediocrity and bring value, worth and dignity to the hurting, the discarded and the dying. It's a shout that will storm the heavens, displace darkness and champion His righteous cause across the earth. It's a shout borne from His Grace, fuelled by His Spirit and embraced by anyone seeking to be His solution on the earth.

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Anybody interested in buying a ticket for the first conference. Just heard a friend can’t make it. I will pop in around lunch time on SAAustralia to see if anybody is interested.

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